Friday, 22 January 2010


                                     Our camp site for day 6, last one in the egyptian desert,
                                                          next to a police check point.

                                                  Flag: the flag you are really happy to spot
                                                      and which means "another day over"

                                                  One of our mecanics: truck driver at work

 We had a short ride today, only 94 km. After a very cold start, we were happy to leave the desert and enter the valley of the Nile. Now I understand what my geography teacher meant when she tought us that the Nile was the bread basket of Egypt. Wao! Entering the valley was like entering another planet. It became green instantly and so busy! Cultivated fields, people, cars, Touk-touks, donkey carts, and thousands of kids cheering us along the road. It fellt like a Tour de France stage. Everybody was screeming "hello" at us, cars trucks and busses were hooting at us and at the numerous police checks we just waived at the heavily armed men who waived back with their automatic weapons hanging arround their neck.

The lunch stop was busy today as there was little space next to the road and our bikes invaded whatever space there was.

The kids were so enthousiastic that as soon as we stopped somewhere they were rushing to be photographed.
I made it to Luxor before 11h00 having pushed a very nice average speed near 30 km per hour. I decided to book myself in a decent hotel facing the Nile since we have a rest day tomorrow. The race organisation hired an Egyptologue to brief us on Luxor and the current excavations.

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