Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Today we donated a further 28 bikes here in Lusaka bringing the total to 56 bikes donated in Zambia. If anywhere, it feels like Zambia is one of the places where these bikes are most needed. A very charismatic woman named "Loveness" told us that in her community, they use the bikes to visit AIDS orphans and follow up on them. They also visit AIDS patients to keep them up to date with the intake of medicines and make sure they don't stop. Previously, they could only visit an average of 6 households per day on foot, now this is five to ten times more thanks to the bicycles donated...

The bicycles are built locally by a company called Zambikes. These bikes are really nice. Zambike also produces a bamboo frame bicycle, quite amazing actually.
                                   We donated a total of 56 bikes in Zambia and here are the
                                    representatives of the associations to whom the bicycles went
                                       This woman named "Loveness" gave us a very emotional
                                       speach explaining us how the bikes donated make a huge
                                       difference in her comunity
                                     Bill and Dr Margareth talking about the great work done
                                     by the Okanagan health care foundation
                              The shopping mall next to my hotel in Lusaka, just like in South Africa


Fred Gousset said...

Hi Gerald.
I write again, because I've done something wrong while previewing my message.
So, we are happy to see that you are still on the path !
It seems Tony did not notice that the fishes were from Finland !!!!
I'm happy that the bikes are locally made : they must be very strong, and the people will have less troubles with the spare parts than with european bikes !
It seems you are nearer and nearer from the finish. So we wish you to have fun until the end.
Best regards to all the Coniel familly, especially your wife and your children who support you.
Fred from Haute-Marne, France

Anonymous said...

salut! sommes au ski à val d'isere et à tignes sur l'espace KILLY ! tu dois connaitre. arrivons à suivre tes exploits* je pense que vous allez bientot vous retrouver avec iaana! ce sera encore un grand moment!
on te fait de grosses bises de la part des MOUGEL (luc) que tu as du connaitre à la bresse et de DENISE.
ET BONNE ROUTE ! (Nairobi est deja loin!!!!!)
Gerard dit TONTON !!!!

Fred Gousset said...

Hello again Gérald.
Is the bambou frame the one we see on the desk behind the woman ("Loveness")?
How is it built/made ?
Are only the tubes made of bambou ?
Does it give 'junction parts' made of metal ?
Sure you'll give more explaination to Sylvain ....
Keep riding well !
Fred Gousset from Haute-Marne, france