Thursday, 4 February 2010


                                  This is how many building look like in Khartoum, quite a mess....

                                     Bread is widely available in this part of Sudan and is delicious.

                                           Khartoum is full of take away places and here is
                                        a typical menu. A meal here costs about 1;5 dollar

                                                 Daniel having his body remeasured in case
                                                 the 2000km on the saddle shrunk him....
                                                 That cost a whooping 20 cents.

                                                     Have you heard about this bank?

                                    One of the hundreds of man holes missing a top in Khartoum

                             The Nile is the only river I know that gets larger as you go upstream.
                             It is so much bigger here than 2000 km further down. I guess
                             irrigation and the lack of major affluents downstream are to blame

                                                  Did you say "Emphysema" doctor?

                                          Daniel replaying what happened to Frans last week....

                                                    Jos making that point even more obvious...
                                                 The Soccer world cup is already everywhere

                                 Walking your way through the dirty, busy and run down streets
                                 of Khartoum requires some training

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