Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Hi Gerald,

Enjoying the ride? We have received almost 10,700 Euros so, at the moment, you are down to donate 107 bikes...


Gerald want to thank everybody for the donations. He is really happy and exceited about it.
There is still time to make a donation, they will do a big donation of bikes in Cape Town...


Interested in supporting the Tour d’Afrique Foundation’s work and making a difference in Africa?
You can donate one or more bicycles online. The cost to donate one bike is 100 €.
You might consider donating one or more bikes as a Christmas, anniversary or birthday gift. You could donate a bike in the name of a Tour d'Afrique rider. Or just donate a bike to help the health-care workers in Africa win the battle against HIV/Aids.

Click here to donate now.


Anonymous said...

Moi Gerald! It is great to following you and see where you are riding in Africa. We wish you a good luck and suomalaista sisua! Greetings from Finland,-20degrees!

Eric said...

Salut Gérald!
Je vois que tu gardes la forme et le moral.
Quelle chance de traverser l'Egypte en vélo malgré les difficultés.
Bon courage!

Anonymous said...

C'est incroyable qu'est-ce que vous faites. Bon courage surtout et que tu va aller bien pour vous pendant ce long trajet d'Afrique! Vraiment Châpeau!
Ute, Périgord