Friday, 22 January 2010


                                             Voila des photos faites a Luxor pendant la journée.

Rest day in Luxor

I used my rest day to browse around in the non touristic part of the town, trying to get some snap shots of the local life. Today is friday, so it is the muslim rest day. This meant that the town was very busy with loud sounds of the payers shouting from every possible street corner, hundreds of local merchands selling their goods in the dirty streets and kids running with excitment all over the place. I also visited the Karnak temple and walked through the excavation under work of the sphinx alley. Here are a few shots that talk for themself.

                                                          View over the Nile this morning

                                                                   The Karnak temple

                            The sphinx alley that used to link the Karnak temple to the Luxor temple
                            is busy beeing excavated and rehabilitated

 Workers on the sphinx alley during a brake

                                                    Downtown Luxor is a serious mess

                                        Kids doing their homework with chark on a metal door

                                       This man offered me a local fried cake and asked
                                               me to take his photo with his two boys.

                                                            Shops in the souk area

                                  It is friday today, the rest day in the muslim world, so all men are
                           in the busy central area of town for prayers and smoking the water pipe.

Young men delivering newspaper.... Hei, I have done that too....

                                                                     Typical butchery

                                     Many farmers are in town with their donkey carts to sell
                                   their products. By the way, tomatoes here still have a taste!

                                                  Couldn't resist this picture for Oscar...

                                                                 Karnak is enormous

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