Thursday, 14 January 2010


We did a 28 Km ride from the hotel to a pyramide close by, a good way to test all equipments, bikes and get used to the Cairo poluted air and crazy traffic.

Here is my bike, carbon frame GT Zaskar, very light and fairly confortable.

View of my handle bars, as you can see, I am equiped with a full HD mini camera, a GPS and a small bike computer. All this technology requires energy and charging, so I have solar panels with me to recharge these high tech equipments.


Jaana Coniel said...

that's a very good number. My lucky number, i will share it with you my love...Good Luck...

Anonymous said...

Nous suivons toutes tes aventures ! Courage Gérald ...après, le tour de Tahiti tu le feras en 10 minutes ! Gros bisous et encore courage ! Allezzzzzzzz Géraldddddddd

Xavier et les filles