Saturday, 16 January 2010


Day one went well.

We rode 130 km. The start was faboulous in front of the pyramides, wao, what a scene. We got escorted by the police from our hotel, they cut the traffic for us all the way to the pyramids with sirens on... Quite impressive. After a few speaches and the group photos, we still had to do a 40 km group ride on the highway before (the race finally started and we could go as fast as wanted. I cycled the second part of the day with Gabriel, a Swiss Italian guy who speaks French. We did a good job at cutting the head wind by trailing each others and we managed a very good average of nearly 30 km per hour. We did climb 900 m today, so it wasn't flat....

As soon as we got out of Cairo the air became clear and it was just sand...
I reached camp site just before 4h00 in the afternoon and building the tent plus getting organised was actually a bigger mission than I thought. I guess that with time, this will improve. No water, (except for drinking, no toilet, just sand here... and a magnificent sky full of stars. It is pretty cold in the evening, but daytime was hot.

Tomorrow is a big day 160 km and we will be camping next to the Red sea which we will follow for 3 days.

Tonight we had spagetti bolognaise for dinner.

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Good luck with the weather!!!
Hugs and kisses