Thursday, 13 May 2010


Gerald is finally in South Africa, they have had some heavy days with cold and windy weather on the west coast of South Africa...He is fine and only two days to go...His computer does not work any more so he told me this evening on the phone that tommorrow they will have 146km and the arrival day to Cape Town Waterfront about 80km and the last 30km they will ride together... So we all are getting exceited about Saturday...I will go and see him tomorrow at Yzerfontein where they will stay their last night... Thank you for everybody for all the lovely messages... Greetings from windy Cape Town...Jaana


Eric said...

Salut Gérald,

Tu tiens le bon bout! Bravo!
Vive l'Afrique du Sud!


Debbie said...

Jaana - thank you for being our link to Gerald & his musings. It was been a delight to "travel" with the Tour d'Afrique via the blog you have been so instrumental in maintaining. I have thoroughly enjoyed Gerald's perspectives & his wonderful photography & will very much miss reading about his adventures.

Congratulations, Gerald, on your finish & your EFI status! Thank you for the opportunity to tag along!

Deb LaVoie - Centerville, Ohio

Anonymous said...

quelle belle aventure !
bravo et merci a jaana qui travaille dans l'ombre pour le blog.
encore quelques coups de pédale et tu aura bien mérité ton diplome EFI !
merci pour tous ces reportages, tu a bien mérité un peu de repos avant la coupe du monde.

Anonymous said...

Super great! Enjoy your last inches. Greetings from Bordeaux. We'll take one (or two) for you tomorrow.