Friday, 12 March 2010


Tonight the text will be sweet and short, very sweet. Gerald got a huge supprise this afternoon at the arrival of they camping site, his uncle Gerard from France game to visit him. Sacré Tonton!!! I knew about it and I had to find out where they will arrive this afternoon, so thanks to TDA organizers, I got the address from them and then I told Gerald that somebody from Alliance Francais Nairobi would like to come and meet him, so that's how I got the arrival time to the camp. He is so happy tonight to see a family face and on the t-Shirt that he is wearing are messages for him. His sister wrote all our messages on it. Thank you Nadège for that...
They have been enjoying a nice meal together and few beers. Tomorrow will be a rest day, but the first bike donation will be in the morning at the camping area. I think we all are looking forward for that.


Anonymous said...

bravo tonton !
belles retrouvailles, la surprise a marchée !
trinquez bien et rechargez les batteries pour la suite de l'aventure ....

Eric said...

Salut Gérald,

Bravo pour ta forme exemplaire!
Tes écrits sont intéressants et illustrés de très belles photos. Et bien maintenant, nous sommes 3 à suivre tes exploits puisque Ewan mon fils est né le 02 mars 2010.

Nous te souhaitons bonne route!

Ewan, Ségolène et Eric

Anonymous said...

Super ton tonton !
Nous pensons bien à toi !
Courage Gérald et plein d'énormes bisous !
Ta fillote et la famille Viallon

Eric said...

Tu as fait le plus dur! Tiens bon!
Merci pour tes récits et tes belles photos. Ewan t'embrasse.
Ségolène & Eric