Saturday, 20 February 2010

ETHIOPIA PHOTOS while waiting for the text... + TEXT

Here is some photos of Ethiopia, Gerald is on the EFI club only 12 remaining. The connection is very bad so these photos was sent by one of his friend who unfortunately got sick and had to carry on by car. The text is still missing but while waiting have a look of these...

I think we all have been waiting for the text on these beautiful photos that Gerald took. He write the text and send the photos to me and I will put them together, because it will take hours to post everything on the blog if Gerald does it from Africa with a slow Internet connection. Ethiopia has been very bad with any kind of connections, it has been two days that he hasn't got any of my messages, I got few from him. So here we have the latest news...

                                         The sceneries we are riding through are just magical.
                                    Today, Rick got hit by a stone so hard he had to be stitched.
                             This is the impact of a stone.... Wearing a helmet is not just for falling,
                             it can be useful against stone throwing kids as well.
                                    My bike also got hit badly with stones, here are two examples

                                             Typical village side street running off he main road

                                    As I reached the top of one of the big climbs of the day,
                                    I walked into one of the small workshops that border the
                                   sides of the road. Here they transform the grains into flower.
                                   Inside this packed little atelier were about 10 people busy
                                   with the process, most of them women.
                                                   Me and a very happy chap along the road
                            Camp in a beautiful background. Nice after a 162 km mountainous stage.

                            No privacy for TDA riders. Within minutes our camp (fenced by a rope)
                            is surrounded by amazed locals and exited kids, so the "you you" carries on...
                            Even when you want to go to toilets, they follow you... In the pic, Sam and Dana
                                 Today in the mountains, we came across these Ethiopian riders.
                                 Their horses are decorated and in good shape. First decent
                                 horses we saw in this trip.

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