Saturday, 30 January 2010


Today, we came accross brick makers. The rich clay soil lying along the Nile makes it the perfect spot. It is still done in the most ancien way which is by mixing clay with cow or donkey dung. Then the brick are layed to dry into the sun. Some bricks are even manufactured on the building sites, saving transport and storage....

                     These guys are carrying the molds and lay the bricks on the soil to dry in the sun
            Mohamed and Amin were very friendly and exited about my interest for their brick work

                                                                     Laying the bricks

                   This guy has the hardest task. He mixes the clay and the donkey dung with water
                                   before filling by hand the mold. There are 3 bricks in one mold.

      Replenishing of calories at the lunch truck. Today the lunch truck was at km 68. It is normally
      a bit past the half way point. Most cyclist take a 10 to 15 minute break and refill with water,
      energy bars and bananas before tackling the remaining kilometers.

                               Brick making 3 guys can produce thousands of bricks on one day.
                               This seems to be a wide spread industry here as I saw many
                               people manufacturing bricks today.

                                The doors are always decorated and painted in bright colours.
                                They put a lot of effort as you can see and seem to express
                                wealth through this.

                                 Muslim cemeteries are very simple. The graves have just a few
                                stones on them and they have this one dome build with mud bricks.

                                        I love the wheel cap.... A new use for a Seven up bottle....

                                                In Africa, the donkey is always the plan B
                                            They love decorating their bikes here. And they also
                                            love "Toyota" here as you can see....

                              Talking about decorating their bikes, this guy did not lack of  imagination...


Anonymous said...

Great Blog and Pictures, at least this way I can now follow the tour closely. Tell Adam he can blog and post pictures also.
Adams dad

yaluna said...

The decorated bikes are lovely:)